North Water: Sea Tec Paddle Float [Product ID: 31SK-00]

By North Water Paddle Sports

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Paddle float conforms to the deck of the kayak, lowering the overall profile.

Ability to secure the paddle at either end of the paddle float.

High visibility reflective tape identifies the pockets where the paddle blade is inserted.

Anchoring straps on either end of the paddle float allow it to be secured to the kayak.

Size: 9” x 18” x 3”

Tips for using the Paddle Float

  • The paddle float outrigger provides a limited amount of buoyancy.  The outrigger is really only for stability.  Distribute your weight carefully between the kayak and the paddle/paddle float outrigger to ensure a reliable and efficient recovery.  Make sure you use floatation of the boat to get yourself out of the water. After you have exited your kayak, hold onto your kayak and paddle.
  • Keep one leg in the cockpit to hold onto the kayak, freeing your hands to manage your paddle, paddle float, and other rescue equipment.   This allows you to use your legs to hold the boat while you rig the paddle float and helps keep all your equipment together, especially in wind and waves.
  • At least 1/3 of the blade should overhang the far side of the boat.

Product information and images courtesy of North Water.

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