North Water: Paddlebritches [Product ID: 30SK-55]

North Water: Paddlebritches [Product ID: 30SK-55]

By North Water Paddle Sports

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North Water re-designed PaddleBritches® allow a sea/tour kayaker to confidently store a spare paddle within easy reach. If you’re a fisherman you can also secure the end of your fishing rod with a handy adjustable reflective loop and then tuck your primary paddle into the loop while reeling in that big one.

The re-designed PaddleBritches® are easily removable and their low profile keeps deck wash out of your face.  

  • Their tapering minimizes deck wash disruption and spray in your face.
  • Tapered polyethylene sleeve stiffener allows your paddle to effortlessly slide in every time.
  • Attach and move from boat to boat quickly and easily without untying deck lines.

Product information and images courtesy of North Water

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