Lendal: Storm, Straight Shaft, 2pc

By Lendal Paddles

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The STORM is a high performance dihedral foil back paddle designed for every type of paddler; super light (640 grams),controllable in all conditions, predictable through the entire paddle stroke inspiring the paddler in whatever conditions they face.

The design team at Lendal was challenged to design and produce a high performance paddle that would be the perfect paddle for the beginner to the expert.  After a year of iterations the STORM is the marriage of the XRANGE foil paddle Kinetik shape as the Kinetik shape has been a favorite for years, with a new dihedral face. It's ease of power delivery and control makes this paddle a 'must have' for anyone serious about performance in all manner of conditions.


The Lendal straight shaft has been engineered for superior strength and stiffness yet it maintains a surprisingly light swing weight.  Nothing is ever compromised.

There are many advantages to a straight shaft. If you reposition your hands often, whether to only lessen the strains from gripping too tight, moving closer to the blades for more leverage or because you are bracing, a straight shaft is the clear choice.  No matter where your hands are on a straight shaft the feel and comfort will be there with little or no action or thought.  If your preference is white water, rough or chaotic water and you are not paddling great distances then choose the Lendal straight shaft.


Blade Length x Width 50cm / 19.7 in
Surface Area 690 sq cm / 107 sq in
Weight for Size  cm
Straight Shaft
g / oz

Images and specifications courtesy of Lendal North America.

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