Lendal: Cadence, Carbon Blades, MCS Shaft, 2pc

By Lendal Paddles

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The Cadence Paddle has a pleasing swing weight with great return on every stroke. Designed to suit all paddlers from novice to advanced; it is built to allow the novice paddler to move up to an intermediate skill level seamlessly.


The Modified Crank Shaft (MCS) was originally developed for flat water racing, where long distances (50 to 100plus) miles are common.  Racers looked to every advantage they could to maximize stroke efficiency.  The power of a stroke occurs when the paddle is forward of the paddler and lasts until the paddle is beside the paddler. A MCS shaft helps the paddle blade to etch a much flatter sweep through the water, especially forward of the paddler, and continue it for a longer period.  A paddler will also achieve a more effective shift of energy and a cleaner, less resistant upturn at the end of the stroke.


Blade Length x Width 47.5cm / 18.7 in
Surface Area 570 sq cm / 88.4 sq in
Weight for Size  cm
Straight Shaft g / oz

Images and specifications courtesy of Lendal North America.

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